At age 20 yrs I’d survived my first life threatening illness, called ‘Grave’s Disease.’  The huge mass in my neck was the largest doctors say they’d ever seen for this type of thyroid disorder.

I had 2 weeks to elect Chemotherapy, Radiation or Surgery; before the growth would be pressing on my main arteries, causing major complications. Little did I know this would be the beginning of a very long life path laid before me.

The most challenging things in life really do become our defining milestones. Such began my journey.

After surgery (NO Radiation or Chemotherapy for me - I’m not really into poisoning my entire body to heal one small area), I developed a quenching thirst for understanding how I could acquire such an intense dis-ease.

I had been playing softball for 8 years, was on the city swim team, played collegiate volleyball and was studying martial arts. It utterly confused me how I could get so sick, being so active.  I started to study the connection of the MIND to the body. This burning desire to understand human health lead me into my Master’s degree, where I studied in the field of psychology.

By this time in life, I was married, working 2 jobs and was starting to hit epic proportions with my weight. You'd think that by avidly studying the MIND-BODY connection that I would be easily applying what I read. However, this was NOT the case. Somewhere deep inside, a piece was still missing... my HEART.  It longed to be heard. Not only heard, it wanted to lead.

Because I was so out of balance, I’d been yo-yoing with my weight for years.  I did all the 'diets' from Weight Watchers to Jenny Craig to South Beach to Eat Right for Your Blood Type. The day came when I simply stopped looking in the mirror, because I could no longer see the real me. 


My heart SCREAMED: WAKE UP SHEILA!  I left my job, my marriage had collapsed, and BAM - I came face to face with my 2nd life threatening dis-ease. If you don’t know what Candida overgrowth is, I pray you never do. The current research is startling... numerous studies connect Candida overgrowth to cancer. This nightmare became my blessing: I dove DEEP into Holistic Health awareness.  It became a matter of life or death.

The darkest day of my illness, I was sitting in a bathtub crying, shaking and shivering from insane amounts of pain. What started as little patches of white on my skin, in just a few months time lead to bumps, and then turned into open sores... all up and down the front of my legs, on the sides of my belly, and along my back.

Basically I was bleeding out from most areas of my skin. I was delirious from pain.  I was at a point though, where I no longer had trust in the medical system after experiencing severe hallucinations from pain meds, allergies to antibiotics and receiving naive mis-diagnoses over and over.  Don't get me wrong, if I break my arm, Western medicine is great. 

This night, the sitting in the bathtub - my Jedi Warrior of Survival became activated. I became 110% determined to heal myself.  I didn’t have the answers, but I knew my will would find a way that no doctors had. I WAS going to survive. I was DONE with all the PAIN. 



 I surrounded myself with people who supported me and believed in Holistic care. I learned about juicing, smoothies, phytochemicals; about fasting, detoxing, and internal cleansing. I'd already been an avid meditator, and lover of body movement. Things like colonics, acupuncture and hyperbaric chambers became a new way of living.

It was a LONG road of self-discovery: I learned an entire new way to relate to my body with the food I ate; to my mind with the thoughts I had, and to the ways I related to the world. I learned about cleansing not only the mind from negativity, but also clearing the body from stored toxic energy.

My new found Holistic approach to life aligned me to my HEART.  The gentle yet powerful spirit residing inside that whispers softly, but when heard, leads in all the right ways. Little by little synchronicities started happening one after another. My world opened in amazing new ways.

Getting healthy started to feel fun.  My legs (that I thought would be scarred for life) HEALED!  With time, attention and love, I was radiating a healthy glow and found myself surrounded by people who were living in similar ways ~ connected to their zest for a balanced BODY - HEART - MIND living.

After 5 years of solid focus toward Holistic living, combining all I knew about biology, psychology, spirituality and nutrition, I was living VIBRANTLY. I became super-charged and a mission birthed from within.

I'm here to inspire, uplift, motivate, support, and encourage ONE MILLION people who desire to live a healthy, happy and extraordinarily. I would LOVE for you to join me!

I have a NEW Body