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This site is for you if:

** you’re ready to make your health a priority
** you want to save time and get tips that truly work
** you don’t like sifting through all the health stuff out there
** you LOVE food and don’t want to have to sacrifice
** you know you’re meant to feel good
** you’re ready to be vibrant and sexy
** you love trying new things

This site is not for you if:

** you don’t get the connection between mind, body, heart
** you think Western medicine has all the answers
** you don’t care what you eat or how you look
** you blame others and feel like a victim
** you think there is a quick fix perfect diet
** you’re not willing to change your habits
** you’re not open to magic and miracles


SAMPLE TIPS that come with the POWER UP PLAN

1 YEAR of Tips

  • Activate your office
  • Talk with our Wellness Advocate

Read What Power-Up Plan Users Have to Say…

“Tips are great! Quick to read, and easy to do. I enjoyed not getting too many emails in a week; 3 a week seemed like the perfect amount. I recommend them for anyone who wants a quick boost to their health.”

~ Mary Carroway, Texas

“I get super busy and don’t seem to be able to keep up with the latest trends the way I’d like to. These tips were great. I got lots of ideas that fit right in to my busy routine. They reminded me of some things I already knew, but forgot to keep up with. I love them!”

~ Kathy Simms, Florida

“I don’t like going to the gym and was looking for something that made getting healthy more simple. This did just that. Some of the tips I didn’t use, but a lot of them I did. I noticed that having them show up in my in box on a regular basis kept health in the forefront of my mind. I started making more healthy choices with greater ease. I highly recommend them to anyone who doesn’t really want a coach yelling at them to do exercises, but is looking for help. Thank you Health Tip Girl!”

~ Caroline Dwayne, Texas

Health Tip Girl Gives…

Part of helping to make the world a more happy and healthy place, not only inside ourselves, is to give back to causes making strides in ways that really make a difference. We give 10% of all our proceeds.

Our favorite two causes currently are Keep Austin Beautiful and Mermaids for Clean Water. Feel a little extra happy knowing that with each purchase your money not only helps your health, it’s also making a difference : )

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