Can We Ever Be Really Healthy?

The concept of BEING healthy has been rattling in my mind lately. Are we ever REALLY healthy? I ask this because it seems there is a false notion health seekers have… that getting HEALTHY is a destination, a final state.

As if one can say, “Now, I’m finally healthy.” Quite honestly, I do not believe this is how it works.

Healthy is a lifestyle, a process, a way of living – thinking, choosing, acting. It’s not as if once you reach this proposed goal of Health, that’s it, you’re forever healthy.

For instance, even though people see me, and most view me as BEING healthy,  it’s not as if I reached some pinnacle health and now am always healthy.  I’m invariably often having new things pop into my field, asking for my attention.  It could be a runny nose, or a cramping calf muscle; a headache, toothache, backache. Honestly, it’s never ending.

We live in an ever changing world. Life offers continuous opportunity of change, that’s the one thing we can count on!  We are consistently up against possible life stress… change of job, career, relationships, family affairs, or traveling. Every change is part of a multi-level health balance between our mind, body & spirit.

If you’ve ever watched, ‘What the Bleep Do We Know’ or read any of Bruce Lipton or Ken Wilber’s books about quantum connections, then you already know that our bodies are intricately connected on so many levels to our body chemistry.  It’s proven that we can literally change our DNA with our thoughts!

What does this mean for our HEALTH? It means that the overused, but genuine concern for, the concept of BEING HEALTHY is not a STATE  of being, it is a constant PRACTICE  of living. Practice of living a healthy lifestyle, takes making continuous choices, adaptations, re-evaluation, and new action ALL THE TIME.

Healthy becomes a WAY of living, it becomes a WAY of thinking, a WAY of making decisions… ever changing. My wish for you is that you embrace your desire for Health fully, let it radiate from your soul, and become a life practice.

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