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6 Tips to Shed Unwanted Weight

We have an inherent desire to feel good and look good. Everyone does. We don’t all agree on what ‘looking good’ actually is, and that’s okay. I’m not here to say that any one body type is more healthy than another. However, at times we put on more weight than we want to.

Let’s face it, maintaining a balanced and healthy body isn’t always easy, even though it can be simple. For example, think about quitting smoking. You can say it’s not easy, right? When in actuality if you don’t purchase any cigarettes that’s a pretty simple solution. Of course, easier said than done.

Similarly getting rid of unwanted weight, is about adopting a lifestyle change. The benefits of losing those extra pounds isn’t only about looking good of course. The desire to feel good is also about wanting to prevent heart diseases, diabetes, and immune diseases.

Sometimes we forget some of the most simple things we can do to make significant changes. Here are 6 tips that get you well on your way to shedding weight. Enjoy!



  1. Self-Love:


Learning, remembering and practicing self-love is key. When you care about yourself, you tend to take care of your body too. These things go hand in hand. The best way to enjoy life is take care of the body you have to enjoy life in!

Remember, no one has a ‘perfect’ body. There is no such thing. Everyone does have beauty and beautiful/handsome things about them. A practice you can do to remind yourself to love yourself is to look in the mirror with no clothes on. Yup, naked! Look at yourself fully naked.

Notice if you eyes go to the parts of you that you don’t like about yourself? Can you find the parts of your body you do like about yourself? If you’re having trouble looking at yourself naked and still feeling adoration and kind thoughts, make a practice of focusing on the parts of your body you do like. Could be your eyes, you lips, you butt, your feet or hands.

Be kind to yourself and remember no one is perfect so don’t expect to be. Practice self-love everyday and watch your weight begin to drift away.


  1. Movement:

A sedentary lifestyle does more harm to your body than you probably are willing to admit. Numerous research has proven that failure to move the body is the major reason for many cancers, anxiety, depression, and heart diseases. Therefore, to stay fit, healthy and shed unwanted weight you’ve got to MOVE. No exception.

This doesn’t mean you have to jog 10 miles every morning. It means that for what every lifestyle you have, keep moving. Do something that stretches you, keeps you limber, strong and flexible.

It could be anything from dancing, gardening, hooping, or walking the dog to jogging, swimming, dancing. This is where you’ve got to be honest with yourself about where you’re at in your own physical practice. Just NO MORE EXCUSES. Do something!

Look at the elderly in China, they are known for doing Qigong in the parks everyday up until they die. Do you have a desk job? Set your alarm for every 30-40 minutes and then stand up and stretch your legs, stretch your arms, do some squats. This is doable. I’ve incorporated this into my own lifestyle practice and it’s so rewarding.


  1. Eat Fuel Burning Food:

Fuel burning food means that it’s low in calories, so the amount of energy it takes to chew and digest the food is almost the same or even more than the energy you get from the food. Common things are celery, lettuce, snap peas, watermelon. Often foods with a high water content, don’t tend to contain extra calories.  

Again, I’m not here to tell you the ‘perfect’ diet to follow, because for one, it doesn’t exist and two, each body responds to food in different ways. We all process emotions differently and thus how we store energy is almost as unique as our fingertips. This is part of why I believe the health industry can be so contradicting and confusing for people.

Where is the hope?  We all have an innate wisdom that runs inside us and once we have tapped into listening, we more easily make the food choices that are best for OUR body. You can be a veg head, a protein lover, a fructarian or gluten-free lover. Each one of these choices can be perfect at any given time. The SECRET SAUCE is all about what makes you truly happy along with honoring what your body can digest and convert into fuel for you in a harmonious way.


  1. Eat Fat to Lose Fat:

You might be thinking, what? Eat fat when I’m already overweight? Yup, your body stores fat when it’s not getting enough fat.  However, not all fats are equal. You’ve got to eat lots of HEALTHY fat. Healthy fat is what comes from plants or seeds. They are unsaturated fats, meaning they are easily digestible.

Along with fish oil, plant fats are very good at decreasing your risk of heart disease. Avocado’s, nuts and oils like olive oil, safflower, sunflower and coconut oil are all examples of healthy fat. Stay away from corn oils. If you don’t believe me, just do a little research. Most all health experts are pretty much in agreement to stay away from corn oils.

Once I implemented this simple practice of eating more healthy fat into my lifestyle, I watched the weight literally just shed of my hips and thighs! Oh yeah!


  1. Free your Mind:

There isn’t enough I can say about this tip other than to remind you of the power of your thoughts. Thoughts can weigh you down more than any possible food you can consume. Yes it’s true. You can repeat unconscious thoughts so much, you can make yourself sick. It’s what stress is all about.

So if you want to shed weight, let go of your mental baggage! Once you’re feeding your mind positive thoughts, about yourself and others, it’s near impossible not to lose weight. Don’t kid yourself, you’ve got to dig deep to see what old baggage you might be carrying.

It could be about self-worth, not feeling good enough, not feeling likable, not feeling lovable or  that your a good person. All these types of thoughts weigh you down not only mentally, but also physically. Drop your stuff and watch your weight go down too!


  1. Be Open to Change:

Many people don’t reach their weight loss goals because they don’t change their routine. Over time, the body gets adapted to the usual daily routines and the need for a more challenging task sets in. Have you heard of the law of diminishing returns? Any body-building health enthusiast will tell you all about changing things up to get your body in tip top shape.

We can get stuck in routine, and although there are many great things about routine, the body can stabilize, but not get challenged. Your body adapts and then returns to homeostasis.  You want to make sure that you stay flexible and continue to challenge your body – use my own story here ( dancing twice a week and walking dog daily, just wasn’t enough once I reached 45 yro… had to start introducing new things to it. Recently started swimming)  Another example is with weight lifting – your body gets used to a certain weight, and it becomes time to add more.



No one has a perfect body, no one! It’s not easy to shed unwanted weight. However, by following these 6 tips you’ll be well on your way to reaching your ideal weight with greater ease, more joy and confidence. Remember your end goal, keep supportive people around you, have patience, celebrate all your small victories and you’ll be fit, happy and healthy in to time!

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