Longevity – Living Fully Alive

I have a concept that I’ve adopted this year, it’s about longevity. Many days, more than not, life appears & feels so exquisitely good. I mean with all the advancements I see in philosophy, science, technology and health… it appears that for those who are ready, we will be able to live a long time – past 150 yrs old.

Honestly, it doesn’t feel too far stretched to me. With the genome project, the Happiness research, & other current research demonstrating how we can shift our DNA, a long life seems quite attainable. Not to mention, there are already groups of people living well past 100 yrs. Have you seen the Blue Zones? (BlueZone.com)

If we want to live for quite a long time, doesn’t it make sense that we would want to savor every step along the way – that we don’t have to be in a hurry to jump into the perfect career, or the perfect relationship, know exactly which steps in life to take. It feels logical to me that for the first 40-50 years of a 150+ life that there would be quite a bit of exploring, sifting, sorting, playing.

In fact, I embrace the idea of exploring, sifting, sorting and playing through most of my life. How else would it stay fresh, exhilarating, and fun. I fully believe that we can embody our highest level of cellular activation, keeping ourselves healthy. I find I do this best by aligning with my Higher self, allowing the flow of Spirit to move through me in such a way that I don’t cut, pinch, restrict, deny or constrict any part of my full Light/God/Pure Energy self to flow freely.

When I feel into this, I feel super-charged, ideas flow, fear is gone, excitement exudes, breath flows, cells vibrate, my super-human side gets lit up. I’m eager for what lays ahead, excited to see what amazing things humanity will create next… will it be the bicycle that energizes an entire home, the permaculture gardens on every roof top, or the friction-free travel train that speeds safely from town to town?

I recognize that we live in a revolutionary time, where what we dream can now come true faster than ever before. I believe that it is going to take a new level of ‘letting go’ on more of a grand happening than we’ve ever done before. To stay connected to how fast things change in this day and age is asking us to evolve, shift and change faster than ever before.

We can do it. I believe it will require of us to not hold on to the concepts of a perfect diet, a perfect work-out, the best way to cook something, or the best way to eat something. In an ever changing world, the body is going to shift and change faster than ever.  In a world, where people can live past 150+ yrs, adaptation must be key. Let’s savor each and every moment that this sweet life has to offer.

I invite you to join me in committing to doing all the things that allow you to hear and feel the guidance from your Source energy. Whether it be spending time in nature, taking action right away when the inspiration whispers, following through to bring things to completion, meditating, eating in a way that serves the body best, or moving the body and resting when needed.

I invite the embodiment of being Super-human. If you resonate with what I’m sharing, I invite you to stay connected with me. Let’s inspire each other, and savor this sweet thing called life to the absolute fullest capacity! Cells activated, brain stimulated, heart opened, ideas flowing, Qi pumping, soul soaring – this life awaits, I know. Are you with me?

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