Why Activate Your DNA?

Have you heard the term ‘junk’ DNA? What a silly title, simply because researchers didn’t yet understand the purpose of all the strands of DNA.

Scientists are now starting to realize that this ‘junk’ DNA is actually where all the potential for living a life on purpose is. Yeah, imagine that you have a divinely designed blue-print encoded in your DNA that gives you empowerment of your life’s experiences.

I’m not saying that you ‘control’ your destiny, I’m saying that you can ALIGN with it. You align with your souls purpose. Here is the key to TRUE HEALTH. True medicine is alignment!  Want a deeper understanding into what I’m sharing here?

Watch this video on the How to Activate your DNA to gain more clarity about what I’m sharing.

My new friend, Deborah shares a lot of complex information here and does a fabulous job of saying it in a simple, palatable way.

The take home message I want you to get is that HEALTH is all about ALIGNMENT, and the key to alignment is DNA activation. Get those ‘junk’ DNA programed with protein codes that are aligned with your souls purpose, and you’ll be the best, most healthy version of yourself!

This is incredibly inspiring. There are many ways to align with your Higher Self, whether it be through meditation, prayer, connecting at church, connecting in nature, singing, dancing, reading – what ever sings to your soul, do it and do it regularly! Be committed to living the best version of you! You deserve it.

Shared with deepest respect and love. Be well.

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    Posted at 17:14h, 24 July Reply

    Love it! Thanks a lot!

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