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The Health Tips Membership is designed specifically for people who are busy, want to be making healthy choices, but don’t have the time to keep up with all the latest health trends. Health Tip Girl makes it easy for you, by sending you 3 health tips a week. So you won’t get bogged down, and you’ll be able to chose 1 tip a week to apply into your routine.

Plenty of time between each tip, so it’s not overwhelming

Bonus recipes for simple quick meals

Improve your health and make lasting changes

Links to helpful products making it more easy for you

3 tips each week directly to your email

The tips are really simple, easy to apply and all the guess work is done for you. Even if you apply just 1/3 of all the tips you receive, you’re bound to get more healthy. Ready to do all 3 each week – watch how quick you’ll get results to achieving more energy, feeling better in your body and gaining overall more happiness.

Tips are designed to give you alternative healthy options, so you don’t feel like you’re missing out on ANYTHING! From simple movement exercises to yummy quick meals. If you’re looking for a little boost, without going to the gym, the Health Tip Membership is just what you’re looking for!

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Pricing plans

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  • Basic Plan

  • $9.97/mo
    • 1 year of health tips
    • 3 health tips/week
    • Movement exercises
    • Quick meal recipes

  • Year Subscription

  • $97/once
    • 1 year of health tips
    • 3 health tips/week
    • Movement exercises
    • Quick meal recipes
    • Save $22

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Giving Back…

Part of helping make the world a more happy and healthy place, not only inside ourselves, is to give back to causes making strides in ways that really make a difference.

We give 10% of all our proceeds to people and places that inspire us. We see the difference they’re making in their own unique beautiful way and choose to support them.

A few of our favorite causes currently are Keep Austin Beautiful and Pronoia Now Network. Feel extra happy knowing that with each purchase you make, your money not only helps your health, it’s also making a difference : )