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Healthy Helpers

Some of the BEST tips and tools to keep you on track with your health goals!

You deserve the best and that’s what you’ll find here.





Health Mastery Affirmation Cards

This 33-card deck empowers you to stay centered, make healthy choices just right for you, balance family and alone time, plus so much more. They are great daily reminders. You can…

  • Hang them on your fridge
  • Stick ’em up on your bathroom mirror
  • Rotate them each month, reading one card a day
  • Use them as bookmarks
  • Add them to sweet love notes for your loved ones
  • Turn your favorites into daily Mantras
Healthy Living ebook

E-book: Think Yourself Thin

Create the body you desire with easy steps of training the mind. This ebook is content rich delivering results in a short amount of time, like having cliff notes to a long novel.

Here’s what you’ll discover…

  • Create a thinner you without going to the gym.
  • Learn how to change your thoughts for a slimmer you.
  • Get clear on your unconscious and conscious thoughts.
  • Gain insights that will give you radical results.
  • Learn what thoughts create a thinner you.

Plus 2 End-of-Book Bonuses!

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Private Mentorship

3-Months of Mentorship –I’ll share all the tools, tips and knowledge I’ve gained during the last 12+ years to help you learn, grow and achieve your health goals. We focus on strengthening your intuitive body awareness, removing subconscious blocks and getting you radiating from the inside out!


Simple shortcuts for a healthy you. Browse through reminders that empower you to live your best life. Tips for your mind, body, heart and soul.

SPA Sessions

Nurture yourself with a S.P.A. Session. Sheila uses a combination of 6 advanced modalities that assist your mental peace, work/life balance, relationship harmony, life transitions and more!

Giving Back…

Part of helping make the world a more happy and healthy place, not only inside ourselves, is to give back to causes making strides in ways that really make a difference.

We give 10% of all our proceeds to people and places that inspire us. We see the difference they’re making in their own unique beautiful way and choose to support them.

A few of our favorite causes currently are Keep Austin Beautiful and Pronoia Now Network. Feel extra happy knowing that with each purchase you make, your money not only helps your health, it’s also making a difference : )

Healthy Giving