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A SPA for your Soul

SPA sessions are designed to bring your body into alignment with your Soul and Heart. Imagine a Spa for your Soul. With the blend of Ancient Eastern Modalities and Western New Age advancements, Sheila weaves together healing sessions unlike anything you’ve experienced.

  • experience greater inner peace
  • end cycles of self-sabotage
  • claim your ideal health (mentally and physically)
  • handle major breakthroughs with more ease and grace
  • balance self-care with the high demands of your work
Reduce anxiety, stress, fear, doubts and worry

Enhance work/life balance and relationship harmony

Remove blocks and release old ‘stuck’ energy

Assists with life transitions and breakthroughs

Each S.P.A. Section Includes These 6 Modalities

  • Cranialsacral

    Relieve pain and tension with gentle manipulations of the skull, spine and sacrum harmonizing your body to a natural inner rhythm running along your central nervous system.

  • DNA Reprogramming

    The human body's DNA can easily be reprogrammed by human speech. You no longer have to ‘settle’ for the genes you were born with. You can have radiant health and a better life.

  • Qigong

    A Chinese holistic system of low impact movements and breath control that stimulate blood flow promoting wellness, spirituality, and martial arts training.

  • Gentle Massage

    Soft to medium pressure to help with energy flow and realignments. Often connected to releasing emotional blocks.

  • Angelic Connections

    Sheila’s clairsentient abilities make each session exceptionally receptive to receiving messages from Angelic realms. Open-minded and heart-centered people commonly receive extraordinary results.

  • Sound Healing

    Specific frequencies are played during the session know to resonate with the Earth’s frequency. Also commonly used in heart activation/healing to assist in harmonizing your own inner health.


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*Often more than one session is helpful. Interested in multiple sessions, check our package pricing

Price & Bundles

  • Single Session

    Single 1.5 hr - 2 hr session

  • 3 Sessions Bundle

    Save $100 - used with in 6 months

  • 6 Sessions Bundle

    save $300 - used with in 1 year


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    Giving Back…

    Part of helping make the world a more happy and healthy place, not only inside ourselves, is to give back to causes making strides in ways that really make a difference.

    We give 10% of all our proceeds to people and places that inspire us. We see the difference they’re making in their own unique beautiful way and choose to support them.

    A few of our favorite causes currently are Keep Austin Beautiful and Pronoia Now Network. Feel extra happy knowing that with each purchase you make, your money not only helps your health, it’s also making a difference : )

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