Private S.P.A. Sessions with Sheila
S.P.A. Soul Passion Alignments
What I can do for you . . .

Mental Peace

Reduce anxiety, stress and worry
End cycles of self-sabotage
Release emotional/physical blocks

Weight Loss

Reclaim your ideal weight
Love your unique body
Radiate health & vitality

Work/Life Balance

Stabilize high demands of your energy
Connect with self-care
Experience life more fluidly

Digestive Health

Digest life and food with ease
Eat just right for you
Be your ideal weight

Relationship Harmony

Feel loved and appreciated
Get centered and empowered
Reconnect deeply

Life Transitions

Enjoy major breakthroughs
Take radical leaps
Bravely move forward



Combining 25 years of energy mastery, each
session is unique and personalized for every
individual. No two sessions are exactly alike.

Know that…

Sheila strives to get you results, though each
person will receive what they are ready for. Often
more than one session is helpful. Interested in
multiple sessions, ask about package pricing.

Also consider

The gift that comes with being an attuned empath
and a devotee to mystical understandings is the
foundation of Sheila’s Clairsentient abilities.
‘Sensing’ angels and spirit guides is common in
each session. The more you are open, the more
you are apt to receive.